Academic and Professional Portfolio


Robert Caldwell is an Assistant Professor of Indigenous Studies and Graduate Director of Indigenous Studies at the University at Buffalo (SUNY).

He is a Fellow of the Humanities Institute and was a Fellow in the Ethics and the Common Good Faculty and Staff of Color Program 2022-2023 and a fellow in Race, Indigeneity, and Settler Colonialism in Global Perspective at the Institute for Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies, 2021-2022. He was also the 2020-2021 Katrin L. Lamon Resident Fellow at the School for Advanced Research and Jay and a Deborah Last Fellow at the American Antiquarian Society.

He has worked as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Native American and Indigenous Studies at Hampshire College. He has taught American Studies at Brown University in Providence, RI and History at McNeese State University in Lake Charles Louisiana; his first tenure-track appointment was Assistant Professor of History and Geography at SOWELA Technical Community College. Prior to that he was a Library Digitization Specialist and Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the  University of Texas at Arlington where he completed the Doctorate in Transatlantic History in August 2018.

Robert’s interests include history of cartography, ethnohistory, foodways, the study of colonialism and imperialism, migration history, revolutions, and Native American and Indigenous Studies.

Click here to view Robert’s curriculum vitae. For more details, see the ABOUT section of this portfolio. Thank you for visiting.

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