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Rediscovering old connections: Nacogdoches, Tx

A Summer 2010 trip to Nacogdoches to do research on descendants of Los Adaes brought me to the East Texas Research Center where I met with Peggy Jasso, a Texas genealogist specializing in old Spanish and mestizo families.I searched land records and poured through old Spanish documents translated in the E.B. Blake Collection.


I visited  rural communities and a number the older cemeteries.  In the course of visiting these communities with Dr. George Avery, an archaeologist at Stephen F. Austin University, we had the pleasure of meeting good contacts for follow up ethnographic fieldwork regarding life along the old  El Camino Real. Dr. Avery introduced me to the pre-historic and historic archaeology of the area. Before returning home, I  saw Old Stone Fort, Mission Delores and stopped for inspiration at  El Lobanillo, the site of Gil Ybarbo’s ranch on the Texas side of the Sabine River.


Documentation and Preservation

Historic American Buildings Survey

I completed a detailed Level IV  HABS report on 550-560 Front Street (DeBlieux) Commerical Building in Natchitoches. The report has been submitted to the Library of Congress.

Cemetery Preservation

I practice proper Cemetery care and grave marker cleaning methods. I learned these skills from Dr. Elizabeth Guin and put them to the test at American Cemetery in Natchitoches, LA. I also participated in the Oakland Cemetery tornado damage documentation for FEMA Assessment. November 2009.

After cleaning


I completed the Historic Landmark District Survey Digitization Project for the Cane River National Heritage Area and City of Natchitoches planning office in early summer 2010.

I have the ability to digitize  and convert various forms of media, including:

* VHS to DVD

* Analog Cassette to digital audio file

* Paper to .pdf

* Photo, photo negative, or slide to .jpg