Academic and Professional Portfolio


Political Writings and Presentations

(with Suren Moodliar, Victor Wallace, Kali Akuno, et al.) Perspectives on ‘The Party’ question.” Socialism and Democracy (Volume 31, no 3) November, 2016

 “Organizing with the Indigenous Environmental Network” Interview of Kandi Mossett, Socialism and Democracy (Volume 30, no 2) July, 2016

“A Socialist Convergence in Philadelphia.” International Viewpoint. June 2016

Current Political Conjuncture in the United States, International Institute for Research and Education, Amsterdam Netherlands. November 26, 2017

“A Green View of the Katrina Disaster,” Synthesis/Regeneration 39 (1) Winter 2006

“New Orleans: The Making of an Urban Catastrophe” Monthly Review Online. September 2005